A Pit Bull Valentines Day

I have always loved animals so it seemed natural to tag a long with my brother when he started volunteering for C.A.R.L its a local dog sanctuary for homeless animals. I went twice a week to take pictures of all the adorable adoptable doggies so combining photography with my love for animals was heaven for me. Its been about 3 years now since I first started and I still get excited to go there. I haven't been able to go as often because I'm spending my days watching my almost one year old (i can't believe it! :'() who is the love of my life but i still try to squeeze in time to visit. But on to the real reason I'm writing this! C.A.R.L and SPARC (another local shelter) are shedding light and love to show the public about how special the Pit Bull Doggies are that they are taking care of. So we came up with the idea of showing how cute and lovable this pups really are by setting up a kissing booth! Boy was it a cute but challenging day to convince them to jump up on the booth they of course had no problem handing out kisses though but in the end we ended up getting the cutest pictures showing off each of their personalities. The doggies are accompanied by the wonderful staff and volunteers who give their love to the dogs daily. We hope that the pictures and pups reach into your hearts this Valentines day and possibly some of these kissable faces will have a Valentine this year! <3

Please enjoy the Cute &Happy Faces!

Check out the amazing Shelters and their Dogs:



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